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How much will this cost my institution?

The program is FREE to all URMIA members. Only the tenant-user pays for the policy they actually purchase.

How do I become an URMIA Member?

For an information packet contact:
Jennifer A. Whittington
P. O. Box 1027 Bloomington, IN 47402-1027
P 812.727.7130 | F 812.727.7129

Or visit http://www.urmia.org/membership/join

How do I subscribe to the TULIP program?

If your institution is not already set up in TULIP click the link below and establish a profile for your institution

Why should your institution use the URMIA Program?

Brochures (for Tenant Users)

To download and print the URMIA TULIP brochure to hand out to tenant users, click here. Simply open the file & print. You can print as many as you need!

You can also write in the location ID or Invitation Code on the brochure before giving it to the tenant user.

For information about the TULIP program contact our TULIP Manager:

Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.
6300 S. Syracuse Way
Suite 700
Centennial, CO 80111